Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Rainy Afternoon I

When I woke up, I missed you so badly. I miss being with you, but you had already proven that it's not worth it when you told me that I wasn't the only one you have in mind. If we stay together, we won't be happy at all.

I dreamed about the temple that I visited earlier this year. It was beautiful; it was dark and it was raining. I remember the temple faced the ocean like the real one, but the ocean was painfully beautiful inside my dream, in the sense that it was dark, the sky was coloured from dark blue to purple with some pink and red tints. The sea practically reflected on the colours of the sky, just that it had a darker tone to it. It looked so peaceful and serene, even more with the rain and the flood. This scene reflects on the emptiness of my life without you. But I know we cannot get back together.

I know I can't escape my past. But I can always move forward if I want to. After all, life is so much better, life can offer more than you could.

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