Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Rainy Night I

The night is being disturbed; by the noise from upstairs as a tenant is playing videos from his electronic device for entertainment, and the rain that fell non stop for the whole night time.

My body is still a little wet as I just came out from the hot shower. I couldn't care much about that, as I put on a new shirt and shorts that I wore before so I can get down to work straight away.

My thoughts tend to drift back to the past; the past that holds good memories and bad ones. I remember how we used to spend nights like this together. We would watch movies, talk, make love...

Love... Did you ever love me?

I still have questions I want to ask you, but at the same time I don't want to see you ever again. So let them be unanswered. It's better that way.

I used to imagine life without you. Now I'm living that life I fantasised about. Life without fear and constant sadness and the frequent negative thoughts. It's like I've been pushed out of the rain zone and into the sunlight - from the darkness, into the light and freedom. I can imagine myself looking at a beautiful green landscape, the long uncut grass waving in motion with the cool, warm breeze; numerous white clouds hanging onto the azure blue sky. More importantly, when I'm there, I need not worry about you anymore.

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