Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just a Little Reminder of You

Just a little reminder of you; so I will forget the intimacies we used to share, but at the same time I will remember you, who used to be a part of my life.

You gave me the perfect gift to remember you for who you are and who were we together. Everything about this gift tells me that we used to have a thing going on before, but that's just it.

But it doesn't clearly tell me what do you feel about me now and all the times you had been by my side months ago, or you never reveal your feelings into it for it to tell me. Just like how shifty and sly you always used to be, you never show any of your true feelings after all.

I won't dispose of this gift. Instead, I will keep it with me, so I will always be reminded of the person you are. Maybe it might not tell me entirely about you, but it will still tell me that you are a person who used to be in my life.

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