Saturday, November 28, 2015


Being with someone; be it a lover, family member, or friend, it's not about being afraid of getting hurt, nor is it about looking forward to being with the person forever; but it is about the experience you experienced from the relationship, whether it's a passing relationship or an ongoing relationship. Relationships have their own distinct values, but those values don't exist if there's no one there to create the relationship.

Relationships need to be nurtured after they are being created. A relationship is not a solid entity; it is intangible, yet relationships play an important part in our lives. It takes at least two persons to make one, and it takes the people in one relationship to keep it, and sustain it.

But different people define a relationship differently. We hold different ideals and desires in life, the way we view a relationship is not the same way another person sees it. We crave so much for social support yet we can't go beyond our differences; so what's the point?

But the point is obvious, isn't it? We work through our differences, and in the process, we become tolerant. But are we ready to be tolerant and patient in order to make relationships work?

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