Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Warmth that Fought through the Cold

On one cold winter night, the blizzard decided to come and destroy a little town in Utah. To him, the mind is more destructive than any weather out there, be it drastic or deathly. As he sat on a couch in his little hut that sheltered him from the rapid wind and snowing outdoors: "to whom do I confide into now?" He thought out loud, but he knew no one will answer him, for he was alone. At least only at that time.

A few months had passed in the same year; months of continuous snow that piled up into a massive load to the point that everything seemed to be white and compressed. The daunting season never ceased until it was near the end of the year, when the Sun finally decided to surpass the cold winter that seemed determined to take up almost the entire year for itself. On one particular morning, when the Sun shone so beautifully on the azure blue sky, he decided to make a trip downtown to visit a town nearby, called Park City.

He was coming down from one of the taller hills of the region, from his wooden hut. The Sun shone in such a way that seemed to clarify its obvious intention of showing him his way. It was its warmth that encouraged him to move ahead to his destination. And making his way carefully downtown, he whispered to no one in particular: "I'm still fighting."

The world seemed particularly blurry at the moment, mainly due to the sudden reminder of his own past life. But during that moment by himself, the image of the sunny winter morning that comes with a warm and cozy feeling to it will forever rest in his heart and mind for eternity.

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